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Two things I do that separates me from all other competition; I deliver the absolute best program to benefit you and at the absolute lowest cost for the coverages provided.  No exceptions No variations.

Others use the broad term selling just whatever might appear "Suitable" but that is only a guise for them rationalizing a much higher commission than they should receive.  My ethics have never waivered over my career and I only provide the top coverages at the lowest cost with integrity of Insurer, protection that will endure and my earning being a last priority. 

Due to my experience, vast knowledge of my field, decades of relationships with industry leaders I have access to products, strategies, savings, proprietary platforms that are a priviledge based upon my ethics.

With these advantages you will assuritly see a major difference in Quality, Quantity, Premiums, Strategies, Tax Advantages, Relaxed Qualifications, Broader Benefits i, Expanded Opportunities to Invest, Proprietary Exclusive Platforms all providing a more comforting sense of being treated as you desire and deserve.

Try the quote option today and see a glimpse of what I can provide.  Compare existing coverage or a new plan you desire and see the difference in cost.  But, allow me to fill in the details of benefits that then come attached to that most competitive premium and you will see see how I can protect and grow your personal and business lifestyle.


  •   The most versatile life plans in existance with strategies that will eliminate taxation at retirement...the most competitive premiums there are...Living Benefits you must include for full security
  •   Health coverage plans including programs guaranteed issue, no pre-existing clauses, zero deductible, immediate coverage for doctor visitations and the are with top rated Insurers and not "ACA Obamacare. 
  •    Disability Income coverage for individuals, corporate and professionals with monthly benefits as high as $300,000.00 or more if needed.  This goes way above the low limit of the USA insurance markets.
  •    War Zone/Terrorists coverage available for domestic and international needs
  •    True Guaranteed Issue Life, Critical Illness, Hospital, Dental, Vision, Outpatient, Final
  • expense and more all with with no wait benefits. 
  • Cost Segregation, Property Tax Reduction, WOTC, Mitigation and Audits all done on a contingency basis with an average client benefits of nearly $300,000.00
  • Business Owner/Professional Retirement Platform that eliminates the IRS rules associated with any Qualified Plan.  So now set aside what you want without limits and no rules in your way.  Make it Tax Deductible and Tax Free when withdrawn on your terms.  Ask me about the 23 additional reasons you need this plan and see for yourself.
  • Investments that offer Protection of Principal, Market Like Profits without Losses, better opportunity for potential returns and FDIC insured.  This works for all Investors, Non-Profits, Trusts, IRA Rollovers, 401K Rollovers, HOA's, Fraternal Organizations, Religious Entities, Annuity Owners and Bank CD Owners.



Gary D. Silcox has an extensive career as an Insurance Agent, Business Consultant, Third Party Administrator and Re-Insurance Intermediary who partners with clients to grow their personal and professional future. After spending decades working in insurance sales, consulting, administration with marketing nationally and internationally, Gary knows what is truly necessary for anyone or business to succeed.—It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them while always putting their well being first.

Gary has consulted to the Fortune 500, Directed National Associations, founded multiple Insurance Agencies, and an International Re-Insurance Company.  Gary is a trained business consultant, owner of multiple small businesses, Certified in Section 105, Licensed Insurance Agent, Certified Financial Fiduciary® and holds authorization to represent Market Linked Certificates of Deposit offered by the world’s largest banks.

Offering coverages through nearly 100 of the worlds top National and International sources to service the world of today and it's complexity on one's life and business.

Gary is married enjoying a large family.  Educated at Ohio State University and Wright State University 1966-71


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