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When you turn 65 years old (or are disabled) you are entitled to participate in the Federal Medicare program.

Parts A, B, C, D.  Supplements.  Advantage Plans.  What is covered?  What is not covered?  What are the costs?  What role does income play?  Can I cover my spouse?  

These are some of the questions we can help with.

People dread going on Medicare.  Not that the coverage is bad but it is intimidating.  There is no need to fear!  The system is a confusing tapestry of Government & Private coverage but once you understand how it works you are able to make an informed desicsion regarding your Health Insurance. 

You also need to be aware of how income impacts the costs of coverage, dates to be aware of and how to avoid lifetime penalties for doing something wrong.

We explain Medicare in an easy to understand format using our "Medicare 101" system.  Answer your questions and make sure you have the information necessary to make your best decision.

We are carrier agnositc, per CMS regulations, so have no bias towards a particular carrier or type of coverage.  That allows us to act in a fiduciary capacity by recommending what is truly the best coverage for your needs without any allegiance to a particular carrier(s).

If you are in Massachusetts, DO NOT GO IT ALONE, we are one of 3 states that do NOT FOLLOW FEDERAL MEDICARE GUIDELINES so much of what you read will simply NOT APPLY IN MA!  Our clients do not pay for our services!  Why not sit down with a representative willing to spend time making sure you understand the Medicare program with no risk to you?



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