Ernest Almanza
Freedom Equity Solutions

Ernest Almanza
Freedom Equity Solutions
3244 Business Center Dr. Suite 106
Pearland TX 77584

Freedom Equity Solutions / Freedom Equity Advisors are headquartered in Texas however serves clients across the country.

1) Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, Pension, and IRA Planning.

2) Help Middle America develop Life-time retirement incomes that cannot be outlived.

3) To help Middle America utilizing vehicles that provide market-like returns, no market down-turn losses and tax-free/advantaged retirement income strategies for a worry free and dignified retirement.

4) To provide clients the latest innovations in the life industry such as Life Insurance with Living Benefits - Life Insurance you don't have to die to access the plan benefits for Critical and Chronic health situations.

5) To serve those that serve us everyday in the Public School and Public Employee Sectors

6) To recruit, train & mentor a new wave of insurance and financial services professionals to serve the massive under-served markets in the US.

Ernest’s background equips him to assist pre-retirees, retirees, teachers, educators and small business owners with virtually all their financial and health related concerns. “I emphasize personalized service because everyone has different financial goals and is best served by strategies customized for his or her needs.”

As always, I’m honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve as 

your Medicare and Retirement Planning Specialist.

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